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5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Reading Corner

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This post is all about the elements needed to create the perfect reading corner for your kids.

Reading can (and should!) happen anywhere, but I firmly believe all kids need some kind of reading space designed just for them to relax and get lost in their favorite books.

Setting aside a specific place for reading models for your kids how important this activity is and allows them the opportunity to fully explore what books have to offer.

Just take a look at some of these gorgeous reading corners on Pinterest!

There’s such magic in the moments shared when reading with your kids, so why not take that feeling up a notch and create a space specifically designed to encourage reading!

Read on for the 5 must-haves for creating the perfect reading corner for your kids!


As the name implies, reading corners are spaces specifically designed to encourage reading.

Also called book nooks, they are often tucked into pockets of a home or classroom to promote security and comfort while reading.

A well-designed reading corner for children will be appealing in and of itself and won’t require convincing to use.

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One of the simplest ways to encourage your kids to read is by making books accessible and appealing.

Designating a space just for the enjoyment of books models for your child how important reading is!

Accessibility and exposure are key to instilling a respect for reading, and reading corners help highlight books.


At it’s most basic, a reading corner needs books and a place to sit and enjoy them, but a well-thought out space can really do wonders for a child’s imagination.

These are the 5 must-have elements to include in your own reading corner. Read on for ways to spark interest and draw your child in!

1. Seating

Unlike a book nook for adults whose backs are old and crabby, you don’t need actual furniture to make a lovely and inviting space for kids.

Cushions, pillows, or even just an extra thick rug will do just fine as the base of your reading corner!

1. Navy Blue Rug | 2. Grey Rug | 3. Blue Cushion | 4. Flower Cushion | 5. Floor Pillow

Beanbags are also another option, but I am always scared they are going to pop…

Each of these items are very highly rated and come in many color options, so you can customize for your child!

2. Book Storage

Next, you need somewhere for the books to live.

Remember to keep them close to the ground since this is a space for children. Accessibility is key!

I have seen plenty of reading corners that may look cute but have completely impractical shelving.

If your child can’t reach it, you’re doing it wrong!

Your standard bookshelf will do just fine, but why not spice things up a little! Additional options include floating shelves, baskets, or toy carts.

1. Wall Mounted Bookshelf | 2. Fabric Storage Baskets 3. Fox Book Cart | 4. Floating Shelves

I have been eyeing this fox toy cart for a while now. It won’t hold a lot of books obviously, but would make an adorable addition to any reading corner!

Floating shelves are GREAT for small spaces because they allow you to use the vertical sq. footage.

I also especially love these fabric baskets because they come in 24 different colors! We use these for storing toys in our living room. They are attractive and make clean-up super simple!

3. Textiles

Can you really call a space cozy without some kind of blanket or pillow to snuggle with?!

Microfleece blankets are my go-to because they are easily cleaned and so, SO soft! We have three that we use every single day and I can’t recommend this type of blanket enough!

I couldn’t find the specific brand we have, but #4 is a great duplicate!

We got the mermaid tail blankie for Little Bird’s birthday and she LOVES it! Holds up great for washing and she has plenty of room to grow into it.

In a reading corner, pillows fulfill a dual purpose – function and fashion!

Any one of these pillows would be a great addition to a child’s book nook.

1. Alphabet | 2. Animals | 3. Fox | 4. Dream Big | 5. Rainbows

4. Décor

The only thing I like more than writing about picture books (and eating tacos) is decorating my house. It’s forever a work in progress, but I love dreaming and planning what will go where when I find the time and money to do it all!

Shelf styling and wall décor are one way you can spruce up your child’s reading corner. Etsy is overflowing with adorable and affordable options. Many of these are available as instant digital downloads, so you can choose how to print!

5. Books

And of course, you need something to read!

Stock those shelves, baskets, or even neatly pile books on the floor.

The key is accessibility here. Kids need access if they are going to readily explore on their own!

Keep in mind book safety – if you have very young kiddos, board books are the safest option. For ages 3 and up, paper or hardcover are just fine. It’s personal preference, but I remove the book jackets from most of our hardcover books to keep them nice since both my kids are younger.

Looking to expand your collection? Be sure to visit our book reviews and reading list pages to discover new favorites!


Creating a special space in your home just for reading is a fun way to encourage your kids to love books.

Any little spot will do – by planning out the seating, textiles, décor, storage, and books, you will be able to create a space that is both accessible and inviting so your kids will have no choice but to come running!

Ours is currently a work-in-progress but I am excited for what it will become!

Do you have a reading corner or book nook in your house? If so, head over to the Book Mama Life Facebook group and give us all a little inspiration. I’d love to see!

Happy reading,

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