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Miss Maple’s Seeds | Book Review + 5 Simple Nature Activities

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This post contains a book review of Miss Maple’s Seeds and a FREE printable with 5 simple nature activities inspired by the book. All opinions are my own.

In an effort to declutter our house and make more space for storage, I have started the arduous task of going through all my children’s old baby clothes. Between the two kids, we probably have 14 boxes/bins/bags of clothing…yes, I know I have a problem ?

I tell myself I will quickly sort into sizes and donate/sell piles, but I can’t help but lovingly unfold each item and gaze at it while the memories fill in.

I gaze in wonder at the tiniest of onesies that clothed my sweet, sleeping newborns on their first few days of life.

My breath catches in my throat as I hold the clothes they wore on their first family outings, remembering the pride I felt at introducing them to the world.

I smile as the shoes grow bigger and sturdier, because let’s face it, baby shoes are absolutely useless despite their captivating draw.

And finally, the tears fall, a mixture of grief and joy, as I relive those previous moments and think on all the wonderful ones that are yet to come as my children continue to grow.

All this may seem a little dramatic coming from someone still in the thick of sleepless nights, diaper changes, and 4-year-old defiance, but it’s a common sentiment I hear from other moms as we talk about just how quickly our children grow.

It’s a necessary part of life, but not one that many parents are really prepared for until suddenly you find yourself living it.

We are feeling this particularly strongly as my daughter starts preschool in just a few short weeks.

If there is a book that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of watching your children enter each new season of life, it is Miss Maple’s Seeds.

Part of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, (not a sponsored post, just a neat program!) I can’t even describe how much I. Love. This. Book.

Book Summary

Miss Maple has opened her home and her heart to nurture little orphaned seeds that have lost their way during planting season.

During the fall months, she takes them exploring to learn about the big, bright world they will be planted in someday.

In the winter, she protects them from the cold, providing them with a warm and safe home to grow in.

When spring rolls around, it is time for the seeds to leave home and venture out into the world. Some will stay close, while others will settle far away.

Whether our children were born from us, to us through adoption, or found their way through foster care, we are all a little like Miss Maple.

Raising our children well and providing them with the necessary skills to make their mark on the world is an important job.

Their lives will be full of transitions, and we have the privilege of supporting, guiding, and loving them through it all.

Unlike Miss Maple, our role as parents doesn’t end when they are ready to leave our nest, but it does change throughout their lifetime and the book illustrates that beautifully.

Speaking of illustrations, I really love the softness that this book evokes. The images are inviting and the seed identification page towards the front provides an opportunity for seek-and-find throughout the book.

I can’t say enough good things about this book! As a Family Science professional, I just love that it makes themes of family and growth accessible to children through a tender story about seeds. And as a mom, I just know you will love it too!

Suggested Activities

Once you’re done reading, I highly encourage you to go beyond the book and make some memories by grabbing your free printable below!

Happy reading,

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