13 Clever & Creative Halloween Costumes Inspired By Popular Children’s Books

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This post is all about creative Halloween costumes based on loveable picture book characters. Most are quick and easy, with some elaborate DIY options for the more adventurous. These costumes are sure to wow your friends and family this year!

It’s the spookiest time of year and as I am writing this there are only 3 weeks left until Halloween!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably made some general plans for the holiday, but still need to settle on your decision for the most important part of the celebration – the costume!

Maybe you’re having trouble coming up with a unique idea or your home-made ideas went awry and you need something last minute.

Whether you want a simple and cheap costume or an elaborate DIY, this post has got you covered.

Show off your love of children’s literature and avoid the infamous “what are you supposed to be?” questions with these creative Halloween costumes inspired by popular picture book characters.

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Most of these Halloween costumes are under $40 or can be made using things you probably already have it home, making them affordable as well!

Chester Raccoon

This extremely popular character is sweet and courageous and would make an easy costume for any kid.

Pair the mask, tail, and gloves with grey or black clothes and you have a complete look.

As a bonus, you can dress up as Mrs. Raccoon and have a mother/child Halloween costume!

infant costume | mask/tail set | gloves | hat/tail

Little Blue Truck

With a little elbow grease and a lot of imagination, you can take a worn-out Cozy Coupe truck and turn it into a Little Blue Truck masterpiece with this amazing tutorial from Here Comes the Fun.

If you check out her post, the actual costume is Toad, which looks pretty easy to throw together. She used balloons for the other animals, but you could use stuffed animals or if you’re really crafty, make them out of cardboard!

This one is great because you can be as extravagant as you want…or not. A frog costume and some stuffed animals will look just as good as making everything yourself.

truck (I don’t recommend buying new!) | paint | green pjs | adhesive felt | balloons

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

One of the best-selling picture books of all time, you should be well familiar with the fun-loving character of Mouse! This series is so popular Amazon Prime even has an original show.

This is the most darling costume for a little boy and only requires two pieces. Plus, most kids have a pair of overalls in their wardrobe. And it’s the only costume I know of that requires delicious chocolate chip cookies, so it’s a win in my book 😉

A Bad Case of Stripes

If you’re not afraid to get a little messy, this is an awesome costume idea! So creative and the supplies are super cheap!

As a bonus, your child could wrap a blanket around their waist to mimic sitting in bed.

Just remind your kiddo to eat their lima beans so the stripes don’t become permanent 😉

Where the Wild Things Are

We’re going classic with this next one. It’s time to become king of the wild things!

This book has seemingly been around since the dawn of time (actually, it was first published in 1963) and is one of the most acclaimed children’s books in print.

In addition to being a great Halloween costume idea, this story is apparently very popular for first birthday party themes. If you have a baby with a birthday coming up, you could get another use out of the costume!

tan costume | hat/tail | full costume (cheaper at Party City than Amazon)

Pete the Cat

Cats are a super popular Halloween costume choice, but your kiddo will stand out from the crowd as everyone’s favorite blue cat!

Whether you want to DIY with this tutorial from Primary, or purchase a full costume, this is a great choice for kids of all ages.

pajamas | hat | gloves | red sneakers | full costume

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The classic story from Eric Carle is a great costume idea! It’s another one that can be purchased or DIY’ed so it can fit any budget.

This is a particularly popular option for the youngest members of the family since it doesn’t require many pieces/props.

The DIY tutorials range from a very simple no-sew option from Primary to a very elaborate sibling costume from My Crunchy Life.

If you’re looking for a family costume, you have different family members dress up as the caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly, and even some of the food items!

There are so many different directions you can go with this Halloween costume!

Infant costume | green pjs | red beanie | felt

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Such a clever costume idea, and it costs next to nothing!

This is the perfect costume for a bald little baby – all you need is a blue outfit and a paper towel tube wrapped in purple paper. Or you could use purple tape for the same effect!

For some visual inspiration, check out this easy DIY from Primary.

Romper | purple tape

Room on the Broom

With a long ginger plait, your kiddo will stand out from the other witches this Halloween!

This is one of our favorite stories, and we especially love the movie adaptation.

You can even attach some stuffed animal friends to the broom if you want to complete the whole friendly company!

This costume is pretty easy to throw together, but Devon Mama has a great tutorial.

hat | broom | wand | cauldron | yarn

Llama Llama, Red Pajama

Some red pajamas and a llama hat are all you need to pull off this iconic costume!

If you’re looking for prop ideas, have your kiddo bring along a llama stuffed animal to complete the look.

The Pigeon

Who doesn’t love Pigeon from Mo Willem’s wildly popular book series?

This no-sew DIY costume is budget friendly and comes together quickly. Plus, it’s a super creative and fun idea!

Check out this tutorial by Meagan at From Under a Palm Tree for the full instructions.

blue hoodie | felt


Olivia the pig is always off on a new adventure and this is the perfect costume for the little drama queen in your life 😉

Getting all the pieces off Amazon makes this a bit on the pricey side, but I bet you could find a red dress at a thrift store!

dress | pig accessories | tights

The Day the Crayons Quit

Crayons are a super common costume, but this is a fun take on the hilarious book.

There are a million different costumes and DIY tutorials on the internet, but I found a few that have simple instructions and can come together quickly.

Let people know just exactly what crayons your child is dressed as by making your own signs from the book!

Or if you’re short on time and talent, you can also buy one. Crayon costumes are oddly expensive, though, so you will definitely save money by making it.

costume | red pajamas | green pajamas | blue pajamas | party hats | felt letters


I am still deciding what my kids are dressing up as this year, and I am glad I have these great Halloween costumes to fall back on. Most can be bought or made last minute, which is great for procrastinators like me…

Are costumes part of your family’s Halloween traditions? I hope you like these fun ideas and find some Halloween costume inspiration!

This is my son’s first Halloween, so I feel extra pressure to get his costume just right!

which picture book costume is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments if you plan to use one of these ideas and if you prefer to purchase or DIY. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to Halloween!

Happy reading,

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