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26 Cozy Fall Picture Books You’ll Love

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This post will introduce you to some great Fall picture books for all ages! Enjoy these great titles to welcome the season of Autumn. These books pair great with our Fall crafts list!

Autumn is easily my most favorite season. And what better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than by reading Fall picture books!

There is nothing I love more than crisp air, crunchy falling leaves, and sweater weather. Aaahhhh.

There’s just something in the air starting in September that makes me so happy! Not to mention the resurgence of pumpkin spice e v e r y t h i n g. YUM.

Now that I live in Texas, Fall looks quite a bit different than it used to.

For one thing, it starts later (much later) and isn’t near as cool as it was in the Midwest. We’re lucky to get a crisp morning sometime in early November. We also don’t get the changing of the leaves in the same brilliant way, which is probably what I miss the most.

On the plus side, though, it also doesn’t lead to several months of gray blah-ness and snow like it did before.

At the very least I can live vicariously through these picture books! Some of the illustrations are so awesome I can smell and feel the beauty of the season.

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Reading together is the perfect cozy Fall activity. Grab your hot cocoa and celebrate the return of Autumn with one of these great fall picture books!



Hungry Bunny by Claudia Rueda

What’s more Autumn-like than apple pie? I personally prefer pumpkin, but this is a very fun book about a hungry bunny collecting apples so his mother can make a pie.

Not a traditional “Fall” book, I added this one to the list because it is a great option for kids that have a hard time sitting through a whole book. Kids can help the hungry bunny collect the apples and get them home safely through interactions on almost every page. Fun for everyone and still relatable to Autumn!

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills

Duck and Goose is one of our favorite series, and this is a great Fall book for littles to enjoy with some recognizable characters! But where do pumpkins come from? Your littlest readers will love searching for their very own pumpkin with this adorable duo.

I Love Fall by Alison Inches

Touch and Feel books are so important for sensory learning and this is a great addition to any toddler’s collection! Explore the textures of Autumn with this fun and interactive board book for little hands.

Hocus Pocus It’s Fall by Anne Sibley O’Brien

This interactive book is great for ages 1-3. The rhyming text and lift-the-flap pages will keep their interest while observing some of the more noticeable changes Autumn brings.

Fall Leaves by Loretta Holland

Learn many facts about the changing of the seasons in this beautifully illustrated book about the arrival of Autumn. I could seriously look at these pages all day, they are so lovely! This book perfectly encapsulates the beauty and complexity of Fall.

Full of Fall by April Pulley Sayre

Using real images of Autumn’s beauty, this book is all about what happens to leaves during this season. A really great option for teaching children the science behind the changing of the seasons.

Leaves by David Ezra Stein

Bear has never seen Fall before and is worried about the falling leaves. He does his best to catch them all until he is too tired and decides to take a nap….a very long one. When he awakes, he is surprised by new leaves growing on the trees. A great board book for your kiddo to learn about the changing seasons and welcome Fall.

Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

This magical and interactive story is perfect for littles who get the wiggles during storytime. Help the tree grow and move through the seasons by performing different actions on almost every page. We loved this one!

Autumn In the Forest by Rusty Finch

I had to order this book right away! I love lift-the-flap books because of their interactive nature, but this book has so much more than that. The illustrations are very detailed and there are so many things to point out with your child as you read. I was a little unsure at first with how many words are on the page, but because of the way the book is written you can definitely skip around and paraphrase easily while still getting the most out of the story thanks to the picture and surprises on each page.


Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing by Jane Yolen

This book was a random grab off the shelf and I am so happy it came home with us! Miss R loved this book so much she hugged it when we returned it to the library.

Little Frog is feeling very unsure about the newness of Autumn, especially the colors and sounds that it brings. A very cute story about bravery and trying new things.

The Very Last Leaf by Steph Wade

Such a cute and clever book! Lance the leaf is nervous to fall from his branch into the unknown. He worries about all the bad places he could fall. With encouragement and a reminder that it’s ok to be scared, this book is not only a fun Fall story, but provides a great lesson in bravery for little readers.

Yellow Time by Lauren Stringer

Oh how this book made me wish we still lived in a place where the leaves change colors! One of my favorite Fall memories as a kid was playing in the leaf piles.

After reading this book I showed Miss R some pictures of her playing in the leaves a few years ago. She had such a big grin on her face, although I doubt she remembers it. This book will make you feel like a kid again!

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson

If you haven’t seen Fletcher before, you will fall in love with this super sweet character!

Fletcher is worried when his favorite tree begins to lose it’s leaves. He diligently tries to gather and protect the leaves until one morning he awakes to a beautiful surprise. Soft illustrations and a gentle story will make this a new favorite in your house.

Little Tree by Loren Long

OH, how my mama heart loves this book. Little Tree is so afraid of the coming change that he refuses to drop his leaves, year after year. One he finally finds the courage to let himself grow, amazing things follow. A great way to introduce the concept of change and growth to your kids!

Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller

All parents know that kids have a way of choosing the oddest things to play with, and Sophie is no exception. She falls in love with a squash that she names Bernice and refuses to give her up, despite her parents’ reminder that eventually she will have to say goodbye.

A unique story about lifecycles, Miss R and I really enjoyed this book! Perfect for the little friend-finder in your household.

The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger

Will Little Yellow Leaf ever be ready to leave the tree and float into the great unknown? Autumn is a time of change and new experiences as kids start school, and this book is great for any child who needs a reminder that it’s ok to take their time in new situations and that supportive family and friends are always there for them.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak

Take a wonderful walk through the changing scenery of Fall and visit with the animals as they prepare for the coming season. I absolutely love the illustrations in this book and the upbeat writing of this factual yet intriguing story. Learning facts about Fall has never been so fun!

Storm by Sam Usher

Part of the Seasons series, this has become one of my new favorite books. A boy and his grandfather share a blustery day adventure in this imaginative book about an Autumn storm. Fall winds bring with them the promise of winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and enjoy the nicer weather while it lasts! This is a sweet story for sure, and would be great to add to your seasonal book collection.

In November by Cynthia Rylant

A very poetic book about traditions, In November signals the ending of Fall and welcoming of Winter.

What I like best about this book is the descriptive process – preschoolers and kindergarteners will be able to recognize the physical characteristics that signal the ending of fall. It’s also a great way to start the conversation about traditions!

Awesome Autumn by Bruce Goldstone

Everything you ever wanted to know about Autumn in one book! From the science behind why leaves changes to fun Fall activities, this book is filled with ways to explore the fantastic season of Autumn. This book would be great for homeschool as the activities can be adapted to different age groups and it is part of a series on the four seasons.

Hello, Fall by Deborah Diesen

Everything you love about Fall all wrapped into one adorable book! A little girl and her grandfather spend a lovely day picking pumpkins, admiring the trees, and making memories together. This would make a great present for a loving grandpa in your life 🙂

In the Middle of Fall by Kevin Henkes

There isn’t a book by Kevin Henkes we don’t enjoy! Perfect for reading in the middle of fall (see what I did there?), this book is great for teaching your child observation skills. Together you can recognize the signs that fall will soon be gone as winter comes this way.

The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming

Squirrel is anxious about the leaves disappearing from his tree and is convinced someone is stealing them. He tries to relax, but he can’t stop worrying. His friend Bird is able to help him see the reality of the situation, and Squirrel finally stops worrying. A very funny tale about falling leaves, Miss R giggled quite a bit while we read this! The illustrations are adorable and bright and Squirrel is a very relatable character. This is a great story for any child with an anxious mind.

Leif and the Fall by Allison Grant and Adam Grant

This new release has only been out for a few weeks and I was excited to read a copy of it! Leif is nervous about the inevitable fall from his tree, so he comes up with different ways to try and make the fall less scary. A collaborative tale about friendship, problem solving, and bravery, this book is perfect for kids who need a bit of a confidence boost.

Tractor Mac: Autumn Is Here by Billy Steers

I am a sucker for a cute character series, and Tractor Mac is no exception. This installment is all about the changes that Autumn brings as Tractor Mac and his friends try to encourage Fergus the calf that change doesn’t have to be all bad and that Fall brings with it some wonderful things!

Little Elliot, Fall Friends by Mike Curato

I have read hundreds of children’s books, but these illustrations stand out as some of the cutest I have ever seen. Elliot and Mouse travel to the country to experience and sights, sounds, and smells of Autumn! A fun little story about friendship that you and your kiddos will love reading together!


It’s halfway through September and we have had a lot of fun welcoming the changing season by reading these fall picture books. I’m big on family traditions, and reading books about the seasons is a great way to build traditions of your own.

Do you have seasonal books on rotation at your house? If not, now is a great time to start! Just pick a few of these books to add to your collection and look forward to reading them each year with your kiddos!

Keeping these Fall picture books separated from your year-round collection makes them new and exciting and gives you all something to look forward to as a family.

After reading, I encourage you to take it one step further and make some of these super simple but fun Fall crafts! We tested and approved all 5 of these projects and we think you’ll love them too.

As a bonus, as some of these questions while you are crafting to bring it all together and help with retention and connection.

  • What colors make up Fall?
  • How do we know Fall is beginning?
  • What direction do animals travel to find warmer weather in the Fall?
  • What are some Fall activities you love to do?
  • How do we know Fall is ending?

Are there any fabulous Fall picture books we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Happy reading,

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