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The world is a loud, busy place. As a mom, it can be challenging to find pockets of quiet to deeply connect with your children.

Reading picture books with your kids is one of the best ways you can foster that relationship because it is both simple and impactful!

The problem is, there are SO MANY OPTIONS! Time and money are precious commodities, so finding great quality books and activities is a must!

This website was created as a resource for busy moms who want to cultivate a strong bond with their kids through reading.

Here you will find book listssimple crafts and activities (glitter-free zone, I promise), and reading guides to support your reading journey!


Meet Heidi

 I am a wife and mama who loves exploring the world of picture books with my two beautiful children! I am always looking for ways to bring the stories to life that are simple and fun so we can truly enjoy the experience. 

My love for reading started at a young age, and visiting the library was the highlight of my week! I also have an advanced degree in Family Science and am passionate about helping moms just like you find joy in the process of raising a family

In 2019 I realized a childhood dream of mine and self-published my first picture book, Stella. My second book is in the works and I am excited to share that process with all of you!

Being a mama is difficult, important work. Reading is one simple way you can cut through the noise and encourage a loving, lasting relationship with your kids. 

Stella by Heidi Doddek

My hope is that the books, ideas, and community you find on Book Mama Life will be a small piece in building that legacy.

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