5 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts to Make With Your Kids

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This post highlights 5 easy Fall crafts you can do with kids of all ages as stand-alone activities or paired with one of these wonderful Fall books.

Pumpkins, leaves, and apples, oh my!

For those of us who love crafting with our kids, Fall is a particularly fun season.

There are so many great ways to explore the season while practicing motor skills and making art!

We tried 5 popular Fall crafts and are so excited to share them with all of you.

As always, these crafts are simple, don’t require a ton of materials, and can be easily modified for different age groups.

Make them for yourself, as gifts, or as a book-themed activity.

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My kiddos and I enjoyed reading a book and then doing a related craft several days in a row.

It felt very festive and got us into the Fall mood (even though it is still in the 80s here in Texas!).

Miss R handled these Fall crafts like a champ. She could do almost everything herself, with a little direction.

These are perfect for preschoolers but with a little more involvement they would work well for some toddlers, too!


Create your own stamps using apples! This project came together quick and easy and wasn’t too messy even though it uses paint.

Adult supervision is suggested with this one – the only way we could get the stems to stay on was with hot glue. We used Elmer’s glue for the eyes, but you could also use hot glue if you wanted.


  • an apple, sliced in half with the seeds removed
  • white paper
  • orange and red paint
  • googly eyes
  • green pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue stick
  • marker or sharpie for the smiles

These cute little guys are pretty self-explanatory, but we got the idea from this tutorial, with a few minor changes.


Making this craft actually made me tear up a little!

Our little family of four made this project together, and I just love how it turned out!

Those pudgy baby hands and my daughter’s pride in tracing and cutting her handprints herself will stick with me forever.


  • Large piece of white paper
  • Brown, red, yellow, and orange construction paper
  • writing utensil for tracing
  • scissors
  • craft glue

Cut out a tree shape from the brown paper and glue to your page.

Have each person in your family trace their hands at least once, varying the colors of paper. Since there are only four of us we each traced our hands at least twice so the “tree” was large enough.

Glue the hands on, turning the different directions to get a fanned look. Put the larger hands on first so you don’t lose the smaller ones in the layers.

We forgot to do this, but it would be fun to have each person write their name on at least one leaf and sign and date it together at the bottom! The perfect family Fall craft keepsake!


This would make a wonderful gift for the special grandparents in your child’s life!

Our pumpkin didn’t turn out looking as good as I hoped due to issues with the glue. I would recommend applying a very small amount to the edges of the pictures or using tape instead if you don’t mind the edges sticking up.

Similar to the apple stamps, we did have to hot glue the pipe cleaner stem. It would NOT stay on any other way for us!

We originally glued the popsicle sticks together with Elmer’s glue, but I went back over it with hot glue just to be safe. It was definitely sturdier that way.


  • 10 large popsicle sticks
  • orange paint
  • green pipe cleaner
  • hot glue
  • paintbrush
  • paper and marker for the sign (you could also type it out in cute font if you have crummy handwriting like me 😉 )
  • pictures of your cute kiddos!

We got our inspiration from this tutorial, with a few minor changes.


It’ll feel like Christmas morning as your kiddos rip up tissue paper to their heart’s content for this quick and easy craft!

Miss R was able to do this entire project herself – although I did tear up a few strands of tissue paper because I find it oddly satisfying…


  • Large piece of white paper
  • brown construction paper
  • red, yellow, and orange tissue paper (this was almost impossible to find by us and it was not cheap. I highly recommend purchasing this set from Amazon so you always have some on hand).
  • scissors
  • Elmer’s glue

Sometimes you need a quick and easy craft to keep the kiddos busy and this one is a great choice! It comes together in just a few minute and works a lot of different skills.


The creation of this craft was entirely unplanned, but I absolutely love the way it turned out!

Miss R was gluing scraps of brown paper and accidentally stuck her hand in the orange paint. Just for fun she planted her fist on the paper and I realized that it looked like a pumpkin in a field!

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the name of the game with this one. Other than the crayons we used for the pumpkin details, everything else for this craft came from previous projects.

I love how abstract the pumpkins turned out! Some are pretty round but others look like gourds, which is more realistic.


  • White craft paper
  • scraps of brown construction paper
  • orange paint
  • Elmer’s glue
  • green and brown crayons or markers for pumpkin details

Cut or tear the brown paper to resemble dirt rows. Glue three rows onto the white paper.

Making your hand into a first, place it in the orange paint and “stamp” it onto the brown paper.

You have to press pretty hard and wiggle it just slightly. It took us a few tries to get the movement down. The more you turn your hand, the rounder your pumpkins will be.

Repeat until your patch is full!

Once the paint has dried, draw some “bumps” on the pumpkins with brown marker or crayon to give them some shape.

Use the green writing utensil to draw the vines. We gave each pumpkin it’s own stem and also connected them all with scattered vines.


We had a blast testing out these Fall crafts and we hope you enjoy them too!

We currently have them hanging on our project wall and I love passing by them every day.

Which Fall crafts are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

Happy reading,

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