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10+ ABC Books Your Toddler Will Love

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There are too many ABC books out there to only do one list! Continuing off our list of ABC favorites, We are back with some more great options geared especially towards the little ones. Most of these books are available in the board book version, which is perfect for little hands learning to turn pages. We feel pretty confident about these ABC books your toddler will love.

As toddlers explore their expanding world, they are exposed to so many new things every day. Including multiple ABC books in your regular reading rotation allows them to continue building on their literacy foundation.

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The best part about these books is that most of them provide a sensory experience, whether it’s lift-the-flap, tracing, or letter cut-outs. Sensory learning is so important for brain development and reading tactile books promotes language skills and motor skill development.

1. T is for Tiger by Laura Watkins

Introduce your toddler to animals from all over the world with this cute ABC book! Each page lists at least one animal and an interesting fact about them. Ever heard of a Urial or Vicuna before? I hadn’t either until we read this book!

2. Touch Think Learn: ABC by Xavier Deneux

A sensory experience perfect for any growing toddler, this book has fun cut-outs on each page. Minimal wording places the focus on the images and letters which makes this a great first ABC book for little learners!

3. Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli

Another great sensory experience, Alphablock features cut-outs of each letter on every page so your child can feel how they look. I especially love the board book version as it is the perfect size for little hands to explore.

4. The Usborne Alphabet Picture Book by Rosalind Bonnet

Usborne has many wonderful books, but this one is especially great for toddlers because of the tabbed edges on each page. As they are learning to turn pages on their own, these tabs provide a way to practice without the fear of tearing!

5. ABC: A Child’s First Alphabet Book by Alison Jay

Each letter is showcased with delightful illustrations in this ABC book. There are so many opportunities to identify and count objects, which makes this book a great teaching tool!

6. Flora Forager ABC by Bridget Beth Collins

A detailed and beautiful creation, no ABC list would be complete without this book! Made entirely from natural materials, your toddler will love the bright images and textures of each animal in this ABC adventure.

7. Oops Pounce Quick Run by Mike Twohy

A fun adventure your toddler will love! Follow along with Mouse and friends as they take a surprise journey through the alphabet! Few words leave room for discussion with your kiddo, which enhances the reading experience for you both.

8. Animalicious by Anna Dewdney

Dive into a world of imagination with this rhyming ABC book your toddler will love! Most of the animals in this book don’t exist, which makes for a fun look at nonsense words. The illustrations are goofy and bright too!

9. Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman

Studio portraits of real animals make this book a stunning masterpiece! A unique close-up of animals you may only see in the zoo. Speaking of, pair this book with a trip to the zoo to help your child make connections between their ABCs and the real world.

10. A to Z by Sandra Boynton

hildren’s author comes one of my favorite ABC books for toddlers! Her playful writing style and whimsical illustrations will draw your child in. I especially love how this ABC book pairs an animal with an activity, which helps your child make literacy connections.

11. Harold’s ABC by Crockett Johnson

A true classic, Harold and his purple crayon have a special place in my heart! This book encourages your child to explore and create while also learning about the alphabet.

That’s about it. We hope you got some new ideas for ABC books your toddler will love. Let us know in the comments if you read any of these books and what you think about our list!

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